I took another trip with Jimmy yesterday and had a ball. We put in at Cotter and headed to Rim Shoals. We started above the C&R area and did well. Jimmy caught one of the 1000 albino trout that we were told were put in the river Monday afternoon by AG&F. Jimmy was using an anvil egg and I was using an orange egg made of McFly foam. We caught a bunch of fat rainbows that really put up a fight. Some of the takes were hard while some were just gentle bumps. After lunch we headed to the Hurst area. More rainbows and I got a beautiful little cutthroat of about 6". Jimmy switched to a white T-bead head and marabou bodied streamer and caught a few fish with that. I tried the same pattern later on with a new TFO Clouser rod I won. We did see a bunch of redds but didn't catch any browns at all. They apparently shut off the water yesterday morning for about 2 hours. I got to see first hand how the bite can go from insane to absolute and total lock-jaw in just a matter of minutes on falling water. We ended up calling it quits about 2:30. We may not have caught as many fish as last time we fished together but this was under completely different conditions and we were using totally different tactics. All in all .. a great day with a good buddy using different tactics on a whole new part of the river for me. Again .. thanks for the great time Jimmy.